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Design Experience Services

An application or interface is best defined only if the user is able to understand the function structures and navigate through it. UI/UX are the elementary salt and sugar which is a base ingredient in any application to be baked. Most of the organizations have great ideas but the design which makes the implementation fall miserably. Novigo offers UI & UX services as a Design Experience Services. Our Design Experience team comprise of industry best designer who has worked in different application designs and across the domain. These Davinci’s follows industry standardized protocols and structure to best design an ergonomically application for the end users. The team holds a combined experience of 45 years and 120+ application and close to 5000+ screen designs.

Our Design Experience Model

ANALYSIS Personas Scenarios Synthesis RESEARCH Interviews Observations Surveys PRODUCTION Visual design Development Technical testing BETA LAUNCH EVALUATE STRATEGY LAUNCH DESIGN Workflow Wireframes Prototypes

Novigo brings customer research and customer testing into play. We consider a new take on understanding the degree of making extraordinary UI. From arrangements and elevating to customer choice and delegate affiliation, its impact is wide. In this manner, we execute completely with key research and setup shapes that assurances we pass on great ROI.

Process Attributes

Research & Testing

Experience Design

Latest Design Trends

Expert UI/UX Designers

Unparallel Look and Feel

Quality Assurance

Consistency & Simplicity

Highly Affordable

Services Offering

Design Consulting Services

The design is the elementary component of any application. Our team undergoes a detailed study about the factors of Customer usage, market trends, Ergonomics and all functionality add-ons which create a wow factor and the design is sketched around these nuances.

Web Design and Development

A brand representation is made of multiple attributes and the storyline of the brand. Out team captures the design and ease of use concepts in each of their conceptualizations. The view of the concept is designed in such a way as to unify it with the creators' ideas and users comfort.

Mobile Design and Development

Any idea is governed by deterministic factors of how it adds value to the core functionality. Our team develops design concepts which are brand-centric and offer top-notch user acceptance. The ideology of design is focused on an engrossed user mindset.

Interaction Design

A design should talk back to the user. A responsive design pattern yields a more prompt usable and likeability of more usage. Our team focuses on the concept of design to capture the eye of the user to hold on a user from all the visionary senses. Designs over deeds.

Visual Design

Certain designs is structured around the ease of use, pleasure, and audience-based engagements. Our team believes in addressing all the venues offered by a solution to its best capability with easy and highly absorbent design forms.

Usability Testing

Users are the taker and validators of any design concepts. Any design concepts have to iterate to the user to best understand his/her comfort with the design and challenges that he/she faces the same. A usability test can validate a design successful and engagement score for the above scope.

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