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Automated Invoice creation process using
Oracle EBS for Almajal Group

Assisting one of the Leading Service based Company to upgrade and scale up UiPath RPA potential

A leading service-based company was experiencing challenges within its supply chain management (SCM) and IT operations, including process errors, lengthy manual processes, time-consuming error detection and resolution cycles. Using our strong expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Novigo and UiPath helped the client enhance its operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the employee experience

casestudy-business challenge

The Business Challenge

Annually the client processed ~24K invoices manually. Client has created a customized digital workflow in KiSSFLOW where the operations team creates Invoice request and submit for multi-level approval. Based on the Legal Entity specified in the request, employee needs to upload invoice data into Oracle E-Business, run the required request under the specified service category in order to generate status report and the invoice pdf (Arabic), upload the generated files into KiSSFLOW for further approval. Another key challenge was the processes had a 20% exception rate during the data entry across department due to which product specific procedures needed to be followed. This led to further increase in the time and manual effort involved. The employees performing these activities experienced a high level of frustration due to repetitive nature of the activities and effort duplication.

Our Solution

Novigo studied the client’s processes and analysed each of their stages thoroughly. An RPA perimeter report was prepared outlining the best-fit approach to reduce the effort and time in dealing with the huge data inflow. The ideal process candidates for RPA are rule-based in nature. Hence, the entire activity of generating Invoice PDF and submission for multi-level approval is optimized to better efficiency.

casestudy-bots in action

Bots In Action

Before automation, the assigned users used to review and manually enter the invoice information into the Oracle E-Business Suite, generate invoice and submit it for multi-level approval. This included scrapping Invoice details and populating into the template, which has some degree of variations. After implementation of RPA, this activity has been significantly simplified. Now the bot processes the new request as soon as it’s receives request through the mail. The robot solution is that as soon as the new request mail is received, it receives the request KiSSFLOW link from mail and extracts all the details necessary from the request - KISSFLOW page. The Robotic process then proceeds to download the appropriate template from Oracle, enters the invoice details upload it into Oracle E-Business Suite using an Invoice upload integrator, the bot then process the uploaded data in Oracle EBS by running the request under the specified service category. Based on validation of business rules and generates the status report and the invoice pdf (Arabic) will be uploaded back to KiSSFLOW and approve the request. The only human role left in this activity is for the user to review the summary report after the automated processes complete running.

Robotic process automation

Value Delivered : Benefits


Reduction in
Manual Efforts


Improvement in
Processing Time

<1% of Errors

Previously these slowed the
process completion

Path Ahead

Together, Novigo and UiPath generated remarkable value for the client, and the two companies are now working together on use cases and opportunities to apply the solution to other functions beyond IT and finance processes within the client’s enterprise-wide global operations.

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