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Safe Journey Management System

Safe Journey Management is a process of planning and managing the transportation and tracking the resources used. This can be best achieved using Safe Journey Management system. A successful real time transportation Management, designed and developed focusing on the features that are required by the front office management to plan and execute a journey in a well organized, efficient and cost effective mechanism, to evaluate KPI's and Targets.

Transport Management System


Intelligent Planning & Tracking

SJMS provides a complete online Transportation planning module to choose the best logistics for the start and destination information provided by automatically calculating all the factors based on the vehicle chosen and driver's driving speed.


SJMS has features to configure most of the dependent or independent variants on the organization's perspective. It includes configuring the resources and also has a data repository for all training materials and checklist forms.


SJMS is a customizable product having multilingual options,user management module, custom reports and various other options which makes it one of a kind.

Analysis & Reports

SJMS extends advanced tools to analyze, implement and evaluate KPI's and Targets. It has a report building tool to design custom reports and generate report based on time and constraints


SJMS has a rich landing page after the user login, displaying an overall summary of all the activities along with the current activities that can be attended all in one screen by users.

Alerts & Notifications

The system has automatic notification dispatching module that alerts the Managers, Drivers and other Employees on activities such as safety lapse, Inspection failure and overdue, Accidents, approaching license expiry and approaching consignment dates.


SJMS has independent modules that track the notifications dispatched from the system's send or receive messages by TMS users, Calendar to configure the holidays and publish the same to users of the systems.


  • Manage Vehicle/Route Trip/Drivers
  • Vehicle Conditioning/Maintenance
  • Mileage/Fuel Management
  • Multilingual options
  • Mobile device based access
  • Safety Measures
  • Improved compliance with company & road safety guidlines
  • Effective planning, executing & tracking
  • Helps in managing better and provides accountability of personnal involved in each transport mission
  • Customizable & easy
  • Reliable, dynamic and an easy-to-use solution. It has an permission & cloud based deployment option
  • Advanced integrated features
  • Google map integrated with GPS to show real time cab movement
Transport Management System Benefits

Safe Journey Management System

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