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Transforming Insurance Claims Through Low Code Applications

Custom Applications Based On Company Requirements

Apr 25 2022

With the rise of digital competition, traditional insurers can no longer count on the conventional broker and agent-based model to manage customer ownership. From start to finish, you must own your customers, engage with them, and fulfil their customer journeys. Customers today expect real-time underwriting and on-the-spot claims settlement; thus, the changing insurance paradigm makes it important to shift from traditional risk mitigation to a predictive risk prevention strategy to keep up. This change entails more than identifying and implementing advanced technologies, though. It can be done with a Low-Code Digital Transformation Platform.

Novigo Solutions with OutSystems will help you modernize your critical functions by building insurance-specific solutions thus making your insurance business more connected than ever in the digital world.

Download the full E-Book to learn how Novigo solutions can help your company evolve and why businesses around the world consider us a trustworthy partner in their digital transformation endeavours.