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With the increasing market dynamics and everchanging competition and market scenarios, Enterprises are looking for solution which would aid them save dollars to cut the cost of implementation and increase their ROI with increased productivity of their workforce. Novigo’s Cloud Enabled Services like Migration, Transformation, Integration and Data & Application Management on platforms like AWS, MS Azure and Snowflake makes this digital transformation for its clients'.

Cloud Services

Reasons why Enterprise are on cloud

To Reduce Operational Costs.

Increase Workspace Productivity.

Infrastructure Cost Avoidance.

Best in class Operational Resilience.

Increased Business Agility.


Novigo Cloud Migration services help relocate business-basic workloads to the cloud by surveying their present state, moving their advantages and building a whole IT community utilizing open cloud. Novigo influences a demonstrated and down to business movement arrangement that use the correct mix of devices, procedures and rich involvement in conveying vast IT and cloud change projects to guarantee dependable, predicable, quicker outcome.



Novigo Cloud Transformation Services help Enterprises expand returns on cloud ventures by surveying and empower consistent and quick incorporation between cloud applications and endeavour frameworks, with secure ongoing information synchronization to open cloud applications. The Services are offered as an Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) show with various valuing choices that impeccably suits different customer needs.



Novigo Cloud Integration services guarantee the smooth running of activities and accessibility of business workloads on the cloud. Novigo conveys end-to-end undertaking services that cover observing, reinforcements, provisioning, business for multi-cloud situations, security and that's just the beginning. Our Services guarantee enhanced profitability at bring down TCO.


Data & Application Management

Novigo's Data & Application Management services enable Enterprises to rapidly assemble cloud-local applications and convey microservices for buyers, bringing about enhanced encounters. Novigo receives the deft and DevOps rationality amid the improvement life cycle to enable organizations to take off applications rapidly and remain agile.

Data & Application Management

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