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The Accelerating of Growth with Digital Transformation.

The concept of digital transformation is new to a lot of folks, so let’s start with the basics of what Digital Transformation is.

In the words of Wikipedia – the dictionary or search engine of the layperson, it is described as the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non – digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.

To simplify it further in layman terms – it is the transformation of manual & redundant processes that require more man-hours, to an easier, faster, and more effective automated process with the help of technology.

From an individual’s perspective, technology has helped us all in several ways: from keeping us connected to helping us achieve various goals with just a touch of a button. Now, let us understand what all can be achieved with digital transformation from a business perspective.

For any business, business acceleration is a huge advantage – allowing the company to use newer and latest technologies to help them stay relevant in the industry and be able to sustain in the long run. The business can gain an edge, which can be described as "Smart working rather than Hardworking.

The advantage of introducing Digital Transformation to your business can be widely classified into three subsections

  1. The New Gen Workforce and Workplace –
    In order to keep in line with the competitors, the basic and most important pre-requisite for implementing and supporting digital transformation in an organization is its employees/workforce and the infrastructure support. The organization needs to proactively plan around the skill set and environments required to support this transformation in the long run.
    With the recent pandemic experience, organizations are trying to create a digital workplace that is designed to improve employee experience which in turn empowers the workforce to be efficient & productive.
  2. Change Management -
    The organization can adapt and evolve with the changes in technology, making it easy to stay ahead of the competition. By staying ahead of the curve, the organization can go ahead with entering new markets, or achieve growth with acquisition and mergers.
  3. The Enablement of Technologies –
    Last but not least Digital Transformation, which not only creates an electronic version of processes or helps the company in keeping up with the trends… on a wider scale it helps the implementation of larger strategies that will address the growing pains of the business, the unification of customers, the processing of data and the enablement of speed time to market the new products and services.

The growth of Digital technology widely accounts for 40% growth across the business. It is real and it is happening now – For emerging companies, that are building from scratch on the latest technology Digital Transformation is a favoured method. Well, and their processes.

In times where technology is rapidly changing, it is best to play it safe with incremental investments into modern technology, services, and solutions than waiting for a crisis to arise. Be ahead of the Business – Work Smart and Invest in Accelerating your Business with the Help of Digital Transformation.

Thinking of getting on the digital transformation bandwagon, but feeling overwhelmed with where to begin? Get in touch with us and we will figure out the way ahead together.

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