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Aug 2 2022 | by Ahmad Nizamuddin

UiARD Certification 
Crack UiPath Advance Developer Certification (UiARD) Like a Pro 


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How do you stay relevant in any technology when it's constantly changing? You may have asked yourself this question many times, but since "change is the only constant in life", it is important to accept every change as an opportunity. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the advancement of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This technology has taken the business world by storm and is being used across industries to streamline and automate mundane and repetitive processes. 

If you want to play a key role in this change-driven opportunity? So, the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification is a good place to start with.  

The purpose of writing this blog post is that it can help all RPA enthusiasts like you to become advanced certified developers. Preparing for a UiPath Advanced Developer Certificate can be a bit overwhelming and daunting in the beginning. You may be wondering about where to start? Is this difficult for you?  Is this certification relevant for you?  Ever since I started preparing for this exam, I have had the same thoughts and now that I am certified as an Advanced UiPath Developer I would like to share my thoughts and hopefully will answer some of the questions you have about the exam.  

I'm a Senior RPA Consultant with more than 3 plus years of working experience in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector.  

Please note that the links in this blog will point to the official UiPath documentation, so you don't have to worry and make sure you look for the appropriate version (the UiARD exam is based on the 2020.10 product at the time of writing this Blog). 

I will be covering the below points in detail: 

  1. What is UiPath Advanced Developer Certification all about? 
  2. Which Exam fits you the best? 
  3. How was my preparation for the UiARD? 
    a. My Motivation Factor
    b. 5 Easy Steps from UiPath 
  4. Summary 
  5. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 
What is UiPath Advanced Developer Certification all about? 

The UiPath Advanced Developer Certification is a top-level certification program designed to help you to advance your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) career across industries and to earn globally recognized RPA certifications that enhance your professional standing and increase your work efficiency and satisfaction.  

The new norm for many companies around the world is to outsource much of their back-office work to automate with the UiPath RPA tool. With trends and requirements for UiPath RPA professionals, demonstrating that they are qualified, trained, and experienced in the field of RPA becomes an option for many developers. And the UiPath Advanced (UiARD) certification helps you stay ahead of the race and helps you join a global community powered by highly qualified RPA professionals who encourage, mentor, motivate and empower the community to lead. Members to greater heights in their careers. 

Which Exam fits you the best?

Currently, there are two different certifications that you can choose depending on your role and experience within UiPath Tool.‚Äč

General Track 

RPA Developer Track 

For those who work with the UiPath Platform and require strong foundational technical knowledge and skills. 

For anyone in a technical role looking to gain deeper-level expertise in designing and developing complex RPA solutions in the Robotic Enterprise Framework.