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Digital Experience

A Digital Experience is an interaction between a user (customer, supplier, partner, or employee) and a company through digital technologies. Digital experiences allow companies to go beyond digitizing paper processes to create services that are possible only because of the internet and other modern technologies. They use digital technologies to provide an interaction between a single user and a company. Mobile apps, websites, and smart devices all provide digital experiences to the users who use them to interact with companies. When a customer has a wonderful experience with a company, he/she is more likely to come back and do business with the company again. 

In simpler terms, Digital Experience lets a company create custom experiences informed by the data and lets users experience them across an array of digital and other ecosystems.

The demand for personalized, connected experiences is rising. Users expect information at their fingertips all the time, stressing the need for digital experience platforms.

The recent pandemic has seen several companies migrate their operations and workforce to a virtual environment. In a dynamic environment, greater emphasis is placed on understanding the precise demand and delivery needs for digital services. Thus, these digital experience platforms have now become foundational as organizations look to deliver exceptional experiences to customers, employees, suppliers, and partners. Many forward-thinking businesses are investing in Digital Experience platforms as part of their digital transformation strategies.

Providing a personalized and integrated channel where the company can interact with each individual enabling them to move from one point of engagement (web, contact center, social) to another, based on their need and preferences has numerous benefits; they accelerate digital transformation initiatives, they target and tailor engagement and communication to every individual user accordingly, listen and respond to real-time feedback from individual users, increase operational effectiveness and boost productivity, increase customer loyalty and many more.

There are many to consider, but here are two examples for digital experience platforms-

A Vehicle Tracking System which allows to track and monitor the location and status of all vehicle activities by providing an interface to easily access and use vehicle data for further decision making, improved customer service and reduced insurance costs.

An Employee Transport Management System to provide real-time updates of the trip life cycle to respective stakeholders with automated compliance mechanisms providing seamless and satisfying commute experience for employees including special functionality for female safety and security.

In Conclusion, Customers need to be delivered with over-the-top experiences to make them want for more, including everything from searching and landing at the website, to the sales, the service, and the follow-up process. 

As a company expands, ensuring a great customer experience can become harder and harder, but building a digital experience platform can help, it can provide space to create and automate experiences that will make them keep returning.

A digital experience platform may not be a necessary next step for all companies, but if the company is struggling to keep up with a wide range of integrations and need a method to make progress, this is the way to proceed.

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