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Supply Chain Solution
Strategic Innovations

Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency Through Tigergraph

Smart Rack Allocation
  • Smart Rack Allocation is a critical aspect of warehouse management that involves strategically assigning storage locations for goods on racks within a warehouse.

  • An efficient rack allocation system helps optimize space utilization, streamline inventory processes, and enhance overall warehouse productivity.

Inventory Ageing and Exception Management
  • Inventory ageing management contributes to monitoring of inventory to eliminate obsolete and dead stock.

  • Regular reviews and adjustments as per uncertain business and market conditions help with better prediction and management of market trends.

Inventory X,Y,Z Analysis
  • As per demand and frequency of products, they are divided into high-value, moderate-value, and low-value items.

  • Through inventory management services, resource allocation, cost optimization and forecasting accuracy, bifurcates products and assigns value and importance accordingly.

Storage Capacity Planning
  • Storage infrastructure solutions effectively plan the storage capacity occupied by the products to meet current and future needs.

  • By analysing the characteristics of the inventory, demand patterns and cubic space utilization, storage space can be rightfully allocated to products.

Inventory Replenishment

A systematic approach that assures restocking of goods creates a consistent availability of products. The following approaches ensure there is continuous movement and supply of goods in a warehouse:

  • Identifying patterns and trends through analysis of historical data.

  • Examining external factors such as market trends, seasonality, and promotions to stay well ahead of the curve.

  • Safety stock calculation services, reorder point calculation and replenishment triggers.

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